Jul 18,2019

The Advantages of Using Automatic Manipulator

Now science and technology have gradually covered our lives, and various machines have replaced the traditional labor force. Especially the emergence of automatic manipulators makes our life faster and more convenient. Next, I will introduce the advantages of using automatic manipulator.

1. It has a wide range of applications and it is unrestricted. The lathe automatic manipulator with good reputation has been added high technology to a certain degree of automation, making it perfect integration with mechanization. It can be seen in every field of our life. It can be used in the electronic industry to make various parts with complex structures. In the marine industry, it can accomplish things that we can not do by the labor force. In recent years, it has also been widely used in the field of biomedicine.

2. It can be applied in all kinds of environments. Trustworthy lathe automatic manipulator can not be limited by the environment. In some repetitive industries, their working environment is very bad, which brings great difficulties to the staff. Long-term single work can easily bring fatigue to employees, thereby reducing production efficiency, and the use of this automatic manipulator can be a good solution to this problem. It can efficiently duplicate work and it has greatly reduced the cost of our production at the same time.

3. Improve the safety factor. There are many working environments that are actually very dangerous. If we use all the labor force, accidents will inevitably occur. With the best lathe automatic manipulators, there is no need to worry about this problem any more. It can finish task more efficiently. Today, there are various accidents in the working environment, like collapse, which will not bring harm to the staff using trustworthy lathe automatic manipulators. For enterprises, the risk is reduced to a large extent.

4. It works more accurately and reduces errors. The lathe automatic manipulator with good quality can work uninterruptedly within 24 hours. We can achieve mass production only by setting accurate data on the equipment before work. The error is small. Lathe automatic manipulator makes our life better. In the future, the development of automatic manipulators will be better due to science and technology, and the scope of application will be wider.

Automatic Manipulators from YIHEDA AUTOMATION:
Transverse manipulator (with-multiple-grippers)
Transverse manipulator
Adjustable transfer PPU
U-type high-speed transfer PPUU
90 Degree Transfer PPU
Turntable linkage high-speed manipulator
Transverse manipulator