Jul 19,2019

Advantages of Laser Automatic Welding Machine for Manipulator

With the rapid development of mechanical automation technology, there is a trend that mechanical automation products will gradually replace traditional mechanical and electrical products. Automatic manipulator is the representative of mechatronics in the new generation. Compared with traditional mechanical and electrical products, automatic manipulator laser welding machine, automatic manipulator optical fiber laser welding machine, automatic manipulator laser automatic welding machine and other products have higher functional level and added value to increase the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, laser welding machine manufacturers will also produce a large number of automatic manipulator laser welding machine. Compared with manual operation, it has fast running speed and high repetitive positioning accuracy. It can effectively save labor costs and improve productivity. It is suitable for mass production. It can shorten the delivery cycle, ensure the stability, uniformity and consistency of product quality, and produce products with higher guarantees. The flexible transmission of laser welding machine is non-contact welding, with large working range and long arrival distance. It has greater flexibility to the parts that are difficult to reach, and can process multi-beam simultaneously.

What are the advantages of automatic manipulator laser automatic welding machine?

1. The deformation caused by heat conduction is the lowest.
2. There is no fear of electrode contamination or damage; it does not belong to contact welding, and the wear and deformation of the welded joint can be minimized.
3. Welded joints can be placed at an appropriate distance from the workpiece, which is limited by space less.
4. The workpiece can be placed in a closed space (vacuum, or internal gas is under the control).
5. Laser beams can focus on very small areas and weld small components with similar spacing.
6. Weldable materials have a wide range of types and can also be used to weld heterogeneous materials.
7. It has high automation and integration, and can realize high-speed welding.
8. When you weld thin material or thin wire, it is easy to be troubled by melting back.
9. It is not affected by magnetic field (arc welding and electron beam welding are easy to be affected), and can accurately align the welded parts.

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