May 14,2020

Advantages and Application of Robot Automatic Welding Technology

The welding machines in the welding manufacturing industry will be widely used. In the welding production process, the degree of mechanization and automation will be increased by about 15%, and the degree of welding automation will reach 40-50%. Let's take a look at the advantages and applications of robot automatic welding technology.

1. Improve production efficiency
The response time of the welding robot is short and the action is fast. The welding speed is 60-3000px / min, which is much higher than that of manual welding. The robot can work continuously without pause or rest in the operation process. As long as the external water and electricity conditions are guaranteed, the production efficiency of the enterprise can be improved invisibly.

2. Improve product quality
In the process of welding, as long as the welding parameters and moving track are provided, the robot will repeat this action accurately. The welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and welding wire length play a decisive role in the welding results. When robot welding is adopted, the welding parameters of each weld are constant, and the weld quality is less affected by human factors, which reduces the requirements for workers' operation technology. Therefore, the welding quality is stable, thus ensuring the quality of our products.

3. Reduce enterprise cost
The cost reduction of welding robot is mainly reflected in large-scale production. One robot can replace 2 to 4 industrial workers, which is different according to the specific situation of the enterprise. In addition, with the application of high-speed and efficient welding technology, using robot welding, the cost reduction is more obvious.

4. Easy to arrange production plan
Because the robot has high repeatability, as long as the parameters is given, it will always act according to the instructions, so the robot welding product cycle is clear, easy to control product output. The robot's production beat is fixed, so the production schedule is very clear. Accurate production plan can maximize the production efficiency and comprehensive utilization of resources.

5. Shorten the period of product transformation
Robot Automatic Welding can shorten the period of product transformation and reduce the corresponding equipment investment. It can realize the welding automation of small batch products. The biggest difference between a robot and a special machine is that it can modify the program to adapt to the production of different workpieces.

Because robot arc welding can change the welding track and welding sequence at any time through the program, it is most suitable for products with large variety of workpieces with short welds and complex shapes. And this kind of product mostly appears on the car body, which is just in line with the characteristics of the automobile manufacturing industry. In addition, there are more and more automobile styles and the update speed is faster now. The adoption of automobile production line with robot equipment can meet the rapid development of automobile manufacturing industry in today's society. Automatic welding robot is widely used in automobile manufacturing industry, such as automobile chassis, seat frame, guide rail, muffler and hydraulic torque converter, especially in automobile chassis welding production.