Jun 26,2019

6 Tips For Product Quality Control in Automation Production

1. Don't easily determine the process, and don't change the determined production process easily in the automatic production line.
(1)Find the root cause of the problem, the main factors or the main manifestation.
(2)Easily changing the process actually masks the real cause and problem.

2. Strong awareness of quantification and traceability in process control of automatic production line
(1) do not ignore any details for all mechanical parts.
(2) any details should be controlled and recorded with data as far as possible.
(3)Lack of control and traceability of process details can mislead the formulation of corrective and preventive measures.

3. It takes patience to solve problems in automatic production line
(1) Don't expect to eat too much at once.
(2) Do not ignore abnormal situations because they seem unrelated to the problem being solved.
(3) Take actions even if you can't figure out the cause or the pattern, and standardize the control of the influencing factors of the analysis.
(4) Review the previous experiments and summarize some experience and rules.
(5) Once you've discovered a few rules of thumb, it's worth it to go further and turn it into a theory, even if it costs more.
(6) We should know that "A small leak will sink a great ship." and also "Yu Gong Moves Away the Mountains".

4. Build preventive thinking in automatic production line
(1) The highest level of quality management is prevention, not solving problems.
(2) There must be a warning sign before any quality problems appear, depending on whether you have the methods, means and experience to monitor and identify.
(3) When the same quality problem appears twice, it should be taken seriously.
(4) The daily process and result data should be sorted out with certain tools, and the rules and changing trends should be found from the collated results. These rules and displayed trends need to be constantly modified.
(5) Before processing products, each control element should be as consistent as possible.

5. The automatic production line quality control must have management thinking
(1) Do not expect to directly rely on craftsmen to achieve the stability of product quality.
(2) Product quality is produced, without direct worker management, quality can never be stable.
(3) To observe, pay attention to and study the performance and status of the direct manufacturer of the product, and to manage and mobilize these performance and status.
(4) If the performance and status of the direct workers of the product is not controlled, once there is a quality problem, you will always analyze the cause of the inaccuracy.
(5) Do not assume that the process control requirements specified in our current process discipline are met.
(6) Our process control requires constant improvement, while also managing people well.

6.  Listen to opinions and Suggestions in automatic production line
(1) Don't assume that opinions have no value because others don't know the facts and can't solve problems all at once. Because they can give us a lot of hints and reminders, especially those direct workers of products.
(2) If you can solve this problem, don't listen to anyone. But when you can't do it, you should listen to the opinions and suggestions from everyone, and you should try and experiment.
(3) The thinking of quality management often touches the frontier of technology. Even a casual word or complaint may indicate or imply the direction of a major technological innovation. Therefore, professional technicians should be those who pay attention to details and are good at capturing details.