Manufacturing and assembly automation
Manufacturing and assembly automation
Free people from heavy labor
Visual inspection system
Visual inspection system
Dedicated to discovering every flaw in the product.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse management
The management of products and the development of equipment are being more reasonable, which shorten the delivery time of the equipment.
Visual inspection system-m
Visual inspection system-m
Technical Applications
Yiheda Automation R & D team can provide you with professional solutions, we have developed many machines for different industries, such as automatic assembly, automatic welding, visual inspection, laser marking, robot integeration, recording and traceability and other custom machine. 
About Us
Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Yiheda has 1600 staffs including 170 automation R&D personnel, specializes in designing and manufacturing the custom automation solution to customers. The filed we are expert in:
  • >Automatic Assembly Machine
  • >Automatic Test Machine
  • >Automatic Welding Machine
  • >Automatic Riveting Machine
  • >Special Purpose Machine
  • >Factory Automation Design and Upgrading
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